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Like Sticking Wallpaper To A Waterfall

How many times have you sat there a look of intense concentration etched on your face willing that Solaris command to come while a blank screen mocked you? How many times have you cursed a wall, kicked a chair or grabbed at your hair in frustration while that Solaris command danced tantalizingly just out of your brain’s reach? Once? Twice? Half a dozen times?

In my case, it’s more times than I care to remember. It has happened so many times, in fact,¬†that I’ve simply stopped counting. I don’t know. Maybe it’s nerves, an inability to organize my thoughts or just plain bad memory. But remembering some Solaris commands is like sticking wallpaper to a waterfall. You can try as many times as you like but it just won’t stay up there.

It doesn’t help that a typical admin’s arsenal of Solaris commands is made up of only 20% that he or she uses 80% of the time. Stuff like ls, pwd, ps, who and the like. But it’s the rest of the iceberg, that 80% that only comes into play the remaining 20% of the time and usually during pressure-packed situations, that has always had me stumped.

So after one too many episodes of wall cursing, chair kicking and hair grabbing I decided that I must bring my misery to an end. I resolved that I will put these Solaris commands in a safe place. A place where each command lived in its own tiny pigeon hole just waiting to be called to action. A blog, yes. A technical one. And that’s how Solaris Commands came to be.


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