How To Reset The ALOM Password On A Sun Fire T1000 Or T2000

If an ALOM password reset is required on a Sun Fire T1000 or Sun Fire T2000 in case the password is lost or forgotten, the following steps can be taken to erase the ALOM NVRAM so that a user can gain access to it, set a new password and restore the NVRAM settings.

Note: Access to the server’s power cables and the ALOM serial port is required for this procedure.

Connect your computer or laptop to the ALOM serial management port.

Power cycle the system by unplugging the server’s power supplies, waiting several seconds and then plugging the power back in. You should see the ALOM booting on the serial management console. Hit “Esc” during the ALOM boot, before or at the point where the display says:

Return to Boot Monitor for Handshake

The system will return with this message:

Return to Boot Monitor for Handshake ESC keypress detected.

The ALOM enters the “ALOM boot escape menu”. The following choices will be displayed:

ALOM  Menu

e - Erase ALOM NVRAM.
m - Run POST Menu.
R - Reset ALOM.
r - Return to bootmon.
Your selection:

To do an ALOM password reset you must choose ‘e’ to erase the NVRAM. After erasing the NVRAM choose ‘r’ to resume the ALOM boot. You will automatically be logged in as the user ‘admin’ with no password and no permissions. The NVRAM settings will also be reset to factory default. All customizations including the ALOM network settings will be erased and will need to be redefined.

This procedure can be adapted for the Sun Blade products such as the Blade T6300 Server Module and Netra CP3060 Board, both of which also use ALOM4v. Follow these steps to perform an ALOM password reset on a Sun Blade T6300 or a Netra CP3060.

First of all, ensure that there is a working serial connection to the serial port at the front of the blade.

Power cycle the board or server module by switching it off as per the relevant architecture. This may require unplugging the blade from the chassis, waiting several seconds and then plugging the blade back in.

Follow the rest of the ALOM password reset procedure above as the ALOM boots.